Steel, strength and pride

DS Stålprofil strengthens buildings with steel. And pride. For nearly 50 years we have been at the forefront of effective roof and façade solutions that cover and protect buildings. With a long lifetime. With minimal maintenance. With freedom to find the perfect look. And with unique know-how, which means all of our customers get the same result. The best result.

We are a Danish company, built on a strong foundation of experience and knowledge in functional, energy-efficient and cost-effective buildings using steel. As a company, we are therefore made of strong stuff. From the tips of our toes to the top of our heads, and all the way to our professional souls.

A modern and international company

Because of its wide range of quality products, modern production facilities, employees with extensive technical construction know-how and an innovative approach, DS Stålprofil has become one of the leading manufacturers of steel profiles for roofs and façades. Our exports have increased strongly in recent years, and today, exports make up a significant part of our total turnover. This increase is particularly due to our strong presence in the German market, with our own sales company.

Certified quality assurance

Since 1993, DS Stålprofil has been certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001, and in 2014, we gained certification in accordance with EN 1090-1. Together, these standards are a tool that strengthens quality in every single order – from the raw material to the finished product. Quality assurance is carried out with in-house checks of the individual steps in the process. Our in-house quality employees also make sure that we are always up to speed and developing in step with our customers. Finally, we have an external certification body which carries out regular audits to ensure that we continue to work in conformity with the req­uirements in ISO 9001 and EN 1090-1.

Proficient project service

DS Stålprofil helps ensure that you get the optimal solution, ideally from the very start of a construction project. When the project is about complex solutions or individual solutions with special technical construction requirements, our steel specialists are always ready to provide technical assistance and comprehensive knowledge about the products’ applications with regard to static calculations, detailed drawings and installation plans.

Efficient packing lists

DS Stålprofil makes construction with roof and façade materials easy. When it is relevant, we devise a manageable packing list, where the installation plans state the precise positioning of all of the material. The material is numbered in the specification, and the number is used in the installation plans and detailed drawings. The packing lists therefore improve the effectiveness of construction projects, while saving costly installation time at the construction site.

A packing list contains:

  • Contents
  • Short product description
  • Static calculations and specifications
  • Detailed drawings
  • Assembly plan


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