Steel strengthens every type of building

Types of building

Regardless of whether your project is a new building or a renovation, there are many reasons why you should consider a steel solution for the roof or façade. Or for both. The many benefits of using thin steel plate also applies to all types of buildings, building sizes, and regardless of what the inner or outer effects that your building envelope must be able to withstand. In other words, steel is the strong choice in almost everything. For holiday homes near the North Sea, port warehouses, prestigious office buildings next to motorways, piggeries in the countryside, dream homes, the newest multifunctional halls. Or for something entirely different.

Architect-designed solutions

Steel offers incredible architectural freedom and opens entirely new aesthetic possibilities for all types of buildings. Nordic Click Seam is one of the beautiful profiles that architects have fallen in love with. Download our extensive Architect Portfolio and get more inspiration here.

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Sustainable construction

We work with environmentally friendly production, sustainable raw materials and end products in steel that can be included in a circular context.

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Commercial and office buildings

Steel provides a lot of architectural freedom and opens up completely new aesthetic possibilities for office buildings, etc. The wide choice of profiles and coatings also make steel a strong choice regardless of where your building is located.

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Agriculture and recreational properties

For decades, fast installation, attractive budget and a long lifetime have made steel roofs and façades the preferred choice in agricultural buildings. There are countless options available today, both when it applies to profiles, coatings and colours on your building.

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Sports centres and institutions

Steel provides high strength, long lifetime, easy repairs and short construction times. Four advantages that make steel profiles the ideal choice for the roofs and façades of sports centres, arenas, stadiums, institutions and similar buildings.

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Homes and holiday homes

Regardless of whether you dream of a classic ‘roof tile’ or an architecturally exciting roof with modern sheet profiles, steel represents a strong and economically attractive solution. And this applies to roof renovations.

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