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Jesper Korf, Architect MAA, N+P Arkitektur

On several occasions, N+P Arkitektur has worked with the profiles from DS Stålprofil.

"DS Nordic Klikfals gives a fantastically beautiful roof and we achieve significant aesthetic possibilities within a sensible economic framework. The plate is a lovely and somewhat finer version of the traditional galvanised tiles - and it is unique in that it is also so durable and of a timeless design. We would like to include more steel in our future projects."

Jesper Korf, Architect, on Nordic Klikfals
Reference project Nordic Klikfals

N+P is based in Aalborg, and the studio is owned by the architects Jesper Korf, Lars Bo Poulsen and Thomas Nørkær. The studio has a significant architecturally professional profile, where quality, look, environment and sustainability are the key words... 

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Nordic Klikfals for new architect-designed home
Modern twist Nordic Klikfals

New architect-designed farmhouse

For the owner and the architect, the most important aspect of the project has been maintaining the general, rural look with respect for the location of the new farmhouse at the existing outbuildings and in the open fields with unobstructed views as far as the eye can see.

The style of the roof tiles of the outbuildings is reflected in the farmhouse in a new interpretation with Nordic Klikfals, which has a modern twist that goes perfectly with the chosen brick and building style.


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