DS Format

Unbeatable durability and complete design freedom when you use Format on your buildings. A 3.00 mm thick flat sheet with perforated installation holes forms the basis for cladding that has unprecedented robustness. The shape of the flat sheets is adapted to suit the customer’s preferences, so that creativity or the desire for a minimalistic look can be accommodated. Regardless of the product variant that you choose, you will obtain personal and highly unique facade cladding. Format is available in three variants – Nature, Rust and Colour.

DS Format Nature

Format Nature is a hot-dip galvanised flat sheet that gives your building a very characteristic and unique look. Individual hot-dip galvanised sheets can vary visually, which results in facades that have a modern, natural and contemporary look. Over time, the hot-dip galvanised sheets develop a beautiful patina without affecting their unbeatable lifetime. The sheet’s robust thickness means that Format is very resistant to dents that might otherwise result from knocks from bicycles or ball games.

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DS Format Rust

Format Rust is corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant type of steel that has proved itself popular in the Danish construction industry in recent decades. This type of steel is used in shopping centres, recycling centres, culture centres, educational institutions, residential properties and many more building types. “The United States of America Steel Corporation” developed Corten Steel in the 1930s for use in rail freight carriages to transport coal and as a replacement for steel in bridge structures where the maintenance of the underside was particularly difficult. It became evident that this strong, low-alloy and weldable type of steel is highly weather-resistant in many different climatic conditions without the need for protective coatings or paint. When Format Rust is exposed to the wind and weather, a patina of rust forms relatively quickly. It is precisely this layer that reduces perforation due to corrosion by up to eight times compared to ordinary steel.

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DS Format Colour

Do you want a distinct or discreet facade? Should it be uniform or have different nuances? Freely choose from all the colours of the rainbow and give your facade the look you have always dreamed of. The choice of product size and colour means architects and developers have a huge amount of design freedom, so they can really influence the look of a facade. Unlimited choice of colour when you choose Format Colour.

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