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10 August 2023

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD): Transparency and Credibility

DS Stålprofil has been a firstmover in sustainability for years, producing steel cladding using eco-friendly GreenCoat® steel from SSAB. GreenCoat® steel isn't just renowned for its long-lasting quality but also for its environmentally conscious production.

Our Swedish steel supplier, SSAB, has been actively working on fossil-free steel production since 2016, setting a strong foundation for positive outcomes when analyzing our products' overall life cycle assessments.

Understanding EPDs

An Environmental Product Declaration, or EPD, is a verified, third-party-certified document that provides comprehensive insights into a product's environmental impact across its entire life cycle. This covers everything from raw materials and production to transportation, usage, and disposal. EPDs adhere to internationally recognized standards and offer a standardized measure of products' environmental influences.

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Through the choice of sustainable materials and products, the construction industry carries a substantial responsibility in conserving resources, reducing waste, and cutting CO2 emissions. This stance resonates with us, which is why we're keen on showcasing how our products play a positive role in these aspects.

Who Benefits from Our EPDs?

Our EPDs are valuable to a broad array of stakeholders in the construction field, playing a pivotal role in promoting sustainable choices. Whether you're a developer, architect, contractor, or interested in renovating and upgrading your existing residence, regardless of your role, downloading our EPDs sheds light on why DS Stålprofil's roof and façade cladding is a top choice. If you're passionate about low environmental impact, extended lifespan, and minimal maintenance, our offerings align with your vision.

Developers often hold the reins in choosing greener and more sustainable building materials. Our EPDs offer reliable data on our steel products' environmental impact, enabling well-informed decisions on the most sustainable materials and even achieving sought-after environmental certifications. This competitive edge is significant in an evolving market, as customers increasingly seek eco-conscious buildings with diverse certifications.

Architects have been the focal point for promoting sustainable projects for years. Our EPDs provide essential facts rooted in LCA calculations, aiding in the design of eco-friendly structures and the selection of materials with reduced environmental impact – a consideration even from the initial design phase.

As a contractor, you're usually at the helm of construction projects from start to finish, inherently focused on using materials that contribute to lowering overall environmental impact. The EPD serves as documentation, but the true benefit is in the fact that completed buildings are more likely to meet projected sustainability standards, cultivating a healthy and eco-friendly environment for future occupants.

A Forward-Thinking Choice

We aim to demonstrate the seamless integration of high quality and environmentally conscious production. Opting for DS Stålprofil's EPD-certified GreenCoat® steel panels allows you to actively shape a more sustainable future for both the construction industry and the planet as a whole.

DS Stålprofil's EPDs have been crafted in collaboration with EPD Denmark.

Download our LCA & EPDs


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