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Søren Nielsen, Architect MAA, Vandkunsten

“Generally, we love thin-plate steel. We have often used steel plates in our buildings and also expect to do so in future. The steel plates add a rural feel - when combined with e.g. larch, steel looks incredibly beautiful and adds a sense of calm which is an important factor for us.

The environment and sustainability are extremely important to us. We have done extensive life cycle analyses on thin-plate steel and have found that it has roughly the same climate impact as wood when used as cladding. Many find this surprising, but this is because the material consumption is quite small when the thickness is typically only 0.60 mm. In addition, we have experimented with the recycling of thin-plate steel which has been shown to have significant recycling potential in the phases between first generation use and recycling. ”

Reference architect Søren Nielsen thin-plate steel
Reference architect Søren Nielsen on the choice of thin-plate steel

Tegnestuen Vandkunsten is a Danish architectural firm that works with housing, buildings and urban planning, renovations and transformations, etc. Furthermore, there is a tradition of solving architectural tasks for social and cultural institutions ...

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Just like sustainability and a long life cycle are important parameters for the architectural firm Vandkunsten, it is important to us. We are continuously improve and refine our processes to become ever more proficient in this field.

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Reference architect Søren Nielsen on collaborating with DS Stålprofil

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