New book: 50 Buildings, Danish Architecture 2016-2022

18 January 2023

Architecture 2023 in Denmark is celebrated with the publication of the book:

50 Buildings – Danish Architecture 2016-2022

Architecture will be at the top of the agenda in 2023. As only the second capital ever, Copenhagen will be the UNESCO World Capital of Architecture (for the whole of 2023). In July, the world’s architects will visit Denmark for the World Congress of Architects, which is celebrated with the release of 50 Buildings - Danish Architecture 2016-2022, where the best of Danish architecture will be conveyed to the rest of the world.

Under the theme “Sustainable Futures - Leave No One Behind”, both events focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the overarching principle of leaving no one behind. It’s an excellent opportunity to engage in dialogue with committed practitioners, developers, planners, citizens, researchers and politicians about how architecture can contribute to the SDGs.

Using professional photographs and drawings, the guidebook tells the story of 50 different projects - new buildings, as well as conversions and restorations - representing a wide range of areas: housing, culture, religion, transport, etc. Each project has three entries in the book with descriptive texts and factual information. Furthermore, there is a summary of the project’s background, information about the architect and solution, and a quote from the review of the project in the Danish trade magazine ARKITEKTEN.


The book contains two projects with the roof and/or facade from DS Stålprofil

Lisbjerg Bakke: Roof cladding in DS Rib Sheets 22-270 in aluzinc.
Architect MAA, Søren Nielsen, Vandkunsten Architects, about the project and the use of steel:

“We generally love thin sheet steel. We have often used steel sheets in our constructions and expect to do so in the future. The steel sheets create a sense of rurality - in combination with, for example, larch wood, the steel is beautiful and gives a feeling of relaxation, which is a crucial factor for us. Environment and sustainability are particularly important to us. We have carried out extensive life cycle analyses on thin sheet steel and found that it has roughly the same climate impact as wood when used as cladding. This comes as a surprise to many, but it is because the material consumption is quite low when the thickness is typically only 0.60 mm. Furthermore, we have been experimenting with the reuse of thin sheet steel, which is proving to have significant reuse potential in the phases between first-generation use and recycling.”

Read more from Søren Nielsen, Vandkunsten Architects


Venligbolig Plus (Friendly Housing Plus): The award-winning “Venligbolig Plus” project is designed for communities of elderly people, singles, students and new Danes, and is at the same time a form of housing that incorporates sustainable solutions.

ONV arkitekter has succeeded in creating smaller, smarter and better homes at a reasonable price. The structure consists of cubes clad with DS Nordic Click Seam. The future home of two people in a large community.

Se mere om Venligbolig Plus


The publication also contains projects by:

Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter, Tulinius Lind, Third Nature, Nøhr & Sigsgaard, Leth & Gori, Christensen & Co, Bertelsen & Scheving, Praksis, Carsten Juel-Chrstiansen, BIG, Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects, JAJA Architects, ONV Arkitekter, NOAAH Architects, Arkitekter, Malene Bach, lenschow & pihlmann, Kengo Kuma & Associates, Dorte Mandrup, Vandkunsten Architects, Snøhetta, Svendborg Architects, SLA, JJW Arkitekter, EFFEKT Architects, Mangor & Nagel, Arkitema, Christoffer Harlang, Erik Brandt Dam +arkitekter, Cornelius Vög. , Arup, Claus Pryds Arkitekter, C.F Møller Architects, ADEPT, entasis, OMA, COBE, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Dissing & Weitling, Wohlert Architects, Holgaard Arkitekter, Frank Maali & Gemma Lalanda.

The book is published with support from the Dreyer Foundation and can be purchased in selected bookshops or at



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