Strong steel cladding (RC5+) for construction in all environments

16 May 2022

The climate and environment are tough on roof and facade cladding in general - especially in areas with high rainfall, wind, sun, pollution, industry, etc. If you want a roof and facade solution that is resistant and long-lasting, it is necessary to look at the corrosion class of the building material, which describes the ability to resist corrosion, rust and unintended degradation.

Now you can clad your building with steel profiles in sustainable GreenCoat® steel with the Pural BT and Pural BT Matt finishes in corrosion class RC5+, an ultra-durable product beyond the ordinary. Corrosion classes range from RC1 to RC5+, with RC5+ being the most resistant. DS Stålprofil has a 30-year guarantee on Pural BT and Pural BT Matt products, which are also scratch-resistant and have a high UV resistance that ensures that the colour and coating last.

DS Stålprofil offers a range of products for construction made from sustainable steel from SSAB. GreenCoat® is SSAB’s brand for innovative and sustainable high-quality organic coated steel solutions for roofs and facades, available in a wide range of classic and modern colours. This gives developers and architects countless options to design creative and innovative buildings with the most sustainable steel products on the market.

Most GreenCoat® products have a sustainable coating, where a high proportion of the fossil crude oil is replaced by rapeseed oil. Furthermore, steel is one of the few materials that offers a 100% closed recycling loop. This means that steel can be used effectively and repeatedly without losing its properties or performance characteristics - without leaving a harmful waste product. These factors make GreenCoat® steel the most environmentally friendly on the market.

GreenCoat® steel products are available in the following variants:

- GreenCoat Pural BT with a standard or matt surface
- GreenCoat Pro BT Matt with a matt surface

More about DS Stålprofil’s products, life cycle and sustainability

Tested to withstand hurricane-force wind speeds

If you also choose the popular DS Nordic Click Seam design model, which has an extremely strong side overlap, you get a roof and facade product that can withstand wind speeds up to hurricane force. The DS Nordic Click Seam has been tested by the Danish Technological Institute, and the steel version is approved for up to 50 m/s. Read more about durability and see the corrosion resistance chart for the different product types:



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